Just a little about me...

I have been creating stories since before I could even read and write, and I have always believed in the invincible authority of words. My faith in the power of experience has led me to several countries across the globe, meeting people from backgrounds incredibly different from my own.

In December 2017, I received a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, as well as a BA in Philosophy and Religion. Though my focus was in fiction, I also have extensive training in creative nonfiction and poetry, as well as publishing and design. During my time as a student, I volunteered for the Features Committee of Atlantis Magazine, highlighting local artists and their work. I have also worked with College Is My Life, writing engaging articles on pop culture. I currently live in Philadelphia with my fat cat, Franklin. During the day, I serve as a proud AmeriCorps member at City Year, where I support students in high-need schools, helping them reach their fullest potential.* During the rest of my time, I work on my writing and photography.


With an insatiable imagination and an untamed thirst for truth, the focus of all of my work (no matter what form it takes) is to educate and foster growth, to develop the virtues of connection and understanding, and to explore and enhance the human experience, which is exemplified by my motto:

Explore. Connect. Grow.

*Any views expressed on this site are not representative of any organization I serve.

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